Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Five tips for successful content marketing

An introduction to content marketing

Last year I wrote a blog article entitled 'How much is too much advertising'. The article looked at the amount of intrusive advertising we are exposed to on a daily basis, how it has become an irritation and how we are becoming immune to its messages.

Content marketing could be seen as an alternative to traditional advertising. It works on the principle that while your target audience may have become annoyed by advertising, they are intelligent people who like to learn, to be challenged and to be entertained.

Content marketing is about creating the kind of quality content that will interest, inspire and educate your audience. 

Content marketing can take many forms including blogs, articles, e-books, e-newsletters, case studies, testimonials, social networking, interactive elements, videos and webinars.

Though interactive elements and videos can be engaging it is the written content that still achieves the best search engine results and gets your content seen.

1. Use quality content
If you only remember one of these tips, it should be this one. When it comes to content marketing, the quality of your content is the most important thing.

The content you use
must be interesting and beneficial to your readers. It must also be well written and well presented. Anything less could turn potential customers away and undermine the reputation and credibility of your business.

2. Give something away
By giving away valuable tips, advice, ideas and other useful information potential customers start to see you as an expert and a company they can trust. Remember, even if you are giving it away, it must be good quality content.

3. Encourage readers to retweet, like and share your content
Make it easy for readers to share your content on Twitter, Facebook and other websites. Ensure the appropriate buttons are on your page and encourage your readers to use them. Remember, people will only want to share it if it's good.

4. Give your readers a reason to subscribe
So you have a blog/newsletter/mailing list/Twitter or Facebook account that's easy for your readers to subscribe to — but why should they? What's in it for them? Tell them what they can expect to gain from subscribing and make sure you deliver it.

5. 'Speak' only when you have something to 'say'
Avoid doing things, like tweeting, because you feel obliged to. Two or three meaningful tweets a day is better than twenty repetitive or mundane ones. Remember, you can also tweet links to articles of interest and retweet things your followers may find of interest.
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