Sunday, 15 April 2012

Ten good reasons to use a professional freelance copywriter

Professional copywriters are skilled communicators 

Copywriters are passionate about words and language. They make their living from turning their words into effective communications.

Here are ten good reasons why using a professional freelance copywriter can boost your business and give you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

1. Cutting corners doesn't pay when communicating with your customers 
As a business you are constantly looking for ways to save money, but scrimping on your written content shouldn't be one of them. It's false economy to cut corners in an area that not only generates revenue, but also forges the reputation and credibility of your business.

Hiring a professional copywriter guarantees you a worthwhile return on your investment.

2. You want results
You want to get your message across to your target audience succinctly and successfully. You want your customers to visit your premises, pick up their phone or type out that email enquiry. A professional copywriter knows how to get those results better than anyone. 

3. You may not have the skills, time or confidence to write your own copy
Writing your own copy might seem like an ideal solution. You know your business better than anyone so it would make sense and save you money — or would it? 

The truth is that badly written copy can harm your business by putting off potential customers. And, if time is money, how much is your time worth? Writing copy can be time-consuming — wouldn't your time be better spent doing something else?

Using a professional copywriter guarantees you a creatively executed, professional result, delivered in a timely fashion. And, most importantly, it frees up your time to concentrate on the things you do best.

4. It's a competitive market and you need a competitive edge
With so many companies vying for attention, you need to give yours an advantage. When you see what you are competing against, you realise that professional copywriting services are a necessity for all businesses and not a luxury reserved just for larger companies.

A professional copywriter will spend time researching what your competitors are doing, then devise new and interesting ways to make your company stand out.

5. You have a complex product or issue that you need explaining as simply as possible, to reach as wide a market as possible
Einstein once said "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." 

Professional copywriters make it their business to understand your business. This means asking the right questions, doing the right research and using their language and vocabulary skills to communicate it simply and effectively.

6. Professionally written copy credits your business with the expertise, integrity and professionalism it needs to succeed
Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and incomprehensible sentences can make you look slapdash, unprofessional and not the kind of company prospective customers want to deal with.

A professional copywriter understands what your customers are looking for and will make sure you project the right image.

7. You understand the importance of having a consistent and effective brand personality across all your written material
Your product or service is not the only thing potential customers take into consideration — they also buy into your brand. They may choose your brand over another because they share your values, because they aspire to your vision or because they respect your credentials. 

A professional copywriter understands the importance of creating a consistent, successful and influential brand that spans all your written materials.

8. A professional freelance copywriter will bring an objective perspective
You can be too close to your business to write your own copy effectively. Because you know it so well, you may miss out important information, give the wrong kind of information or assume your customer has more knowledge than they actually have. 

A professional copywriter understands what information your customer needs to make a decision and knows how to present it in an appealing and effective way.

9. Very few companies need a full-time copywriter
Unless you run an agency, or similar business, the likelihood of you needing a full-time in-house copywriter is somewhat remote. Copywriters are generally only required to work on individual, short-term projects, which is why freelancers are perfect for the job.

10. To sell effectively you need to push your customers' buttons
You are not merely selling a product, a service or an idea — you are selling a lifestyle, a sentiment or a solution to a problem.

A professional, creative copywriter understands how to tap into your customers' logical and emotional psychology — by telling them stories and selling them dreams.

I am a creative freelance copywriter with a passion for the English language. If you need written content for your business and would like to find out more about the services I can provide, please visit my website to find out more, or contact me directly to tell me about your project.

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